Entry #2

The evolution of a background

2010-05-14 04:33:11 by laserkid

So, CTU 20 has hit, and besides reprising a role as the "director", I also assisted with making the background for Toriyama Pizza. This was made with RPG Maker XP using the Post Town in (versus exterior) to make it. This was a long transition, and as a nice entry topic, I thought I'd show you the evolution of Toriyama Pizza. While the first version uses an entirely different tileset, the rest share it.

Version One used a different tileset and was more or less turned down immidiatly, though the reasons why helped create version 2.

Version Two was the first use of the tileset, Clovis liked it but wanted more details, and a smaller scene.

Version Three is very similar to the final version, but it didn't have the kitchen door, or the Goku picture yet. I didn't know that a door was needed yet, so that was added in the final version - the version seen in the episode.

Version Four is the one seen in the episode, in the full view. It was zoomed in on for the episode, so you can see some details here that elsewise you may not have noticed! :)


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